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Third party voters are neither ignorant nor privileged. We actually lean towards hyper informed and find your statement odious at best.
That is the same tired line promoted by the corporate media that keeps repeating it over and over and over. It is a form of Bernasysian
manipulation and the end result is a “two party” corptocracy that has a stranglehold on our nation. It is killing our constitutional rights, the planet, and
democracy itself in the process. The following is a much more accurate account of what actually took place in Florida in 2000.


KEVIN ZEESE, LETTER TO WASH POST – George Will repeats the liberal myth that Ralph Nader — rather than George W. Bush — cost Al Gore the 2000 election. The facts show otherwise:

o Sixty-two percent of Nader’s voters were Republicans, independents, third-party voters and nonvoters.

o Had Nader not run, Bush would have won by more in Florida. CNN’s exit poll showed Bush at 49 percent and Gore at 47 percent, with 2 percent not voting in a hypothetical Nader-less Florida race.

o Gore lost his home state of Tennessee, Bill Clinton’s Arkansas and traditionally Democratic West Virginia; with any one of these, Gore would have won.

o Nine million Democrats voted for Bush, and less than half of the 3 million Nader voters were Democrats.

o Ninety thousand African Americans were illegally and intentionally stricken from the voter rolls in Florida under the guise of felon disenfranchisement.

o The 5 to 4 Supreme Court decision stopped the vote counting that favored a Gore victory.

EMILY PRZEKWAS – More than 200,000 registered Democrats in Florida voted for George Bush and over half of the registered Democrats there did not vote at all.

Every one of the eight third-party presidential candidates in Florida received more than the 543 votes cited as the deciding factor in the election.

On some discarded ballots, voters both filled in the bubble for their candidate and wrote the candidate’s name in the write-in-space. If these had been included in the count, Gore would have had a net gain of 662 votes, enough to win the election.

In the highly Democratic county of Palm Beach, an abnormally large number of votes were cast for the conservative candidate Pat Buchanan. Buchanan himself estimated that as many as 95% of these 3,500 votes were Gore’s because of the faulty “butterfly” ballot. [6]

According to exit polls, over half of the Nader voters would have stayed home, 25% would have voted for Gore, and 15% would have voted for Bush. The rest would have voted for another third party candidate.

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